Amazon Competition, is it too strong? How about 1.6 Million in sales?

In this video we look at: Is Competition Too Strong on Amazon?!
I tell you why competition doesn’t matter – there is still so much potential on Amazon and it’s a fantastic selling platform and way to make money online for the technically challenged!! We look at the stats of one of our FBA Coach Mastermind students who has made £1.6 million in sales in a very tough niche and will continue to smash it in 2016 and beyond.

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So, in short….the competition does not matter. You just need to be more creative than the rest. Look for competitive niches, go in and look to out-do the competition. A competitive niche means it’s a great selling product! It means there is money there. Build a strong brand, be creative, be different…the cream rises to the top.

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