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Top Tools & Resources For FBA Private Label Sellers

I recommend bookmarking it for your reference and convenience. Enjoy remember these are vital to make things easier and leverage your business and get success quicker!

Disclosure:  Yes some of these are affiliate links some are free. If you have to make a purchase remember I have used these systems and know they work!

Product Research

Jungle Scout Extension – This product research tools has become one of my favorites. It saves hours of time and allows you to export data to refer back to while in the research stage. There’s a video Greg Mercer (the creator) made and shows how to use the tool and find products fast.

It even gives you the latest trends all at the click of one button!

Jungle Scout Web App – New Product Discovery Tool – This allows you to find products that meet the criteria of low competition and good sales demand. The first time I used this tool I found a product I could Private label in under 20 minutes. You literally type in what you want and it does all the hard work for you!!!


Keyword Research & Tracking

Google Keyword Planner – This is a FREE tool that allows you to research keywords for search volume and demand for a product. This tool is also great for creating new campaign keywords for Amazon PPC campaigns.

Merchant Words – This is a great tool to expand your keywords and determine search volumes inside of Amazon. These numbers are not 100% accurate, but is still very powerful for expanding keyword ideas for product ideas and future Amazon PPC ads.

Product Sourcing

Aliexpress – This is website like Ebay, but for sourcing products. They make it real easy and allows you to get started with small orders to test, before investing larger amounts of money.

AlibabaThis is another website that allows you to connect with agents, suppliers and manufacturers.

Product Pictures & Artwork

Fiverr – If you are on a budget, you can search and find a freelancer that could do product images.

Upwork – This website will allow you to connect with Photographers that could possibly do product photography.

99designs – If you have the budget and you want designers all over the world to bid and work on your job, then this is the service for you.

OUR SPECIAL PHOTOGRAPHER! We use an amazing photographer called Brad his price is only $150 that includes as many shots as you need! Drop him an email for more info!

We and all our clients use him and his work is second to none!

Listing Optimization

When I first started in this business I didn’t know how important a properly optimized listing could affect sales and keyword ranking. After I purchased Amazon Advantage: Product Listing Strategiesby Karon Thackston, I realized there is so much I did wrong when creating my listing. From the keywords I used in the the copy to writing a benefit driven listing that converts higher.


Email Follow-up & Collection

Feedback Genius – This tool will allow you to follow up with your customers and help build your feedback and reviews.

Aweber – This my tool of choice for collecting email addresses from customers. It allows my businesses to create a database that can be used for future product launches and following up.

Product Reviews

AmzTracker –  For all my launch and review needs I use AMZ tracker not only do I get as many reviews as I need I get all the sales I need to boost sales! Get a 7 day FREE day trial here!


Fiverr –  For my UPC codes I just use this guy its $5 for 1 code and the 100s I have used in the past I have never had any issues

Private Label Training

FREE FBA Coach Private Label Course – This is a FREE course 10 Day email/video course which goes through each and every aspect of start an amazon business!

The FBA Coach Mastermind – This is our premier Amazon Product over 7 modules where me and Stuart walk you through everything you need to do to get your business live! Some of things we teach are not available anywhere else! This is paid but has a tiny entry so anyone can get started!