The FBA Coach Newsletter #2

Hey guys,

Stuart here

How’s it with you!?

Been awhile with these newsletters, I know. I apologise but it’s been pretty insane here recently!!

We’ve had a fantastic response to the launch of our Mastermind course and so a lot of our time has been taken up bedding in the new students and providing them with the 1-on-1 Skype sessions, as promised.

Some of these students are absolute TITANS of ecommerce already so we are very honoured to invite them into our family.

It’s exciting times here!

Our Instagram account is about to hit the 1000 followers mark :

When it does so, i’ve promised myself to show my face on there a little more. So rather than photos of my computer screen – I’m going to be interspersing in some lil’ insta vids of me out and about in Kiev or Budapest or wherever I happen to be. I want to connect with you guys better and I believe it’s important that David and I really let you see the real us and the lives we lead. I for one hate all that ‘high-octane’ spammy marketing type stuff and it’s an instant turn off. Showing ones true-self – flaws and all is the way to go. Just makes me feel better about what we do here at The FBA Coach also!

As regards to training…

We’re always studying and looking to evolve our own strategies within Amazon to help both our own Amazon sales and those of our client partners and students. When we try something new and find that it has a positive effect – we are quick to share it with you guys.

So watch this space….we’ve got some cool new little tips we’ve been trying to further maximise results in the game that is Amazon!!

That’s it for now guys – promise it won’t be so long before the next newsletter!!

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